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PLDT Home Fiber is powering ESGS 2021 with speed of 10,000 Mbps

PLDT Home Fiber is powering the highly anticipated annual Electronic Esports and Gaming Summit 2021 with its latest plan of 10,000 Mbps.
PLDT Home Fiber is powering ESGS 2021 with speed of 10,000 Mbps
ESGS 2021 event

10,000 Mbps experience on ESGS 2021!

To recap, the ISP recently shared its ultra-fast fiber plan designed to handle all of the user's internet needs. It has capabilities of powering Smart Homes and Beyond, covering 6,000 sg ft., and even streams up to 8K UHD without experiencing slowdowns.

During the gaming summit, players will be able to maximize the internet speed through PLDT's Home WiFi 6 router which will give them up to triple the fun with a stable connection.

The gaming event has already begun virtually via Facebook, Kumu, and Twitch yesterday November 19, and is going to continue until November 21.

There will also be seven lucky PLDT subscribers that will have a chance to meet, greet and play with two of the popular streamers today—Alodia Gosiengfiao and Dexie Diaz.

On day 2 of the summit, Filipino gamers can also participate in Valorant Tournament with a cash prize of PHP 50,000 and more for the winning team.

For day 3, the event will also include a Tech Showcase and DOTA 2 exhibition game. While the three winners from the earlier-launched Cosplay Competition will receive an award of PHP 50,000 in total. Dexie Diaz will be the one to judge the cosplay event. 

Gaming is on the rise and shows no signs of decline in these times of social distancing and isolation as Filipinos used this way to enjoy life's pleasures. On the other hand, the telco aims to deliver reliable connections so that gamers will be able to experience ultimate entertainment.

Currently, the local ISP says they have already expanded its fiber-optic network at 615,000 kilometers into different parts of the Philippines which means the company delivers fixed broadband connectivity to about 12.7 million homes.

PLDT also said they were able to add 800,000 new fiber subscribers last month and hopes to surpass 1 million by the end of the year. Bringing the total fixed broadband users to 2.77 million in the market for the third quarter.

Aside from the 10K Mbps plan, the telco is also offering Fiber plans such as 35 Mbps with Plan 1699 and 600 Mbps at Plan 3,799.

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