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Here's how Samsung protects your smartphones form Cyberattacks

Samsung recently shared how it protects the data from your smartphones from cyberattacks.
Here's how Samsung protects your smartphones form Cyberattacks
How does Samsung protect your smartphone and data?

Samsung's Cybersecurity Measures for your smartphones

Samsung has a lot of ways to protect your data
Samsung has a lot of ways to protect your data

In terms of unauthorized backdoor access, you can prevent these kinds of attacks yourself by avoiding unofficial app downloads and blindly allowing app permissions. Downloading software other than official and verified ones is a surefire way of introducing malware and spyware to your device leading to unauthorized backdoor access.

Samsung design, create and validate every computer chip, every piece of wiring, and every hardware component before using them to manufacture our smart devices in highly secure factories around the world. This means that devices that reach your hands are secured and can be trusted.

What about re-used passwords? According to a survey done by IBM in August 2021m 86 percent of consumers admit re-using passwords across multiple online accounts. This is a bad habit that could lead to making all your accounts vulnerable.

Samsung devices are equipped with biometric authentication technology such as Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensors so that access to your data can be protected even at the chance that your device is lost or stolen. Samsung Pass is a biometric authentication tool that also allows users to easily access log-in credentials. Knox Vault is also added to secure and isolate your biometrics data from the rest of your phone.
Secure WiFi is protecting your data in Public WiFi
Secure WiFi is protecting your data in Public WiFi

Free WiFi hotspots may seem enticing at first but they can be vulnerable to hackers to steal your data such as your credit card information. Samsung has a feature called Secure WiFi that encrypts outgoing internet traffic and disables tracking apps and websites. It allows you to browse the internet safely especially on Public WiFi.

Phishing attacks are also becoming more rampant lately. Samsung's Device Protection via Device Care continuously scans your device for malware or suspicious activity and alerts you when you mistakenly install malicious apps through McAfee protection. Samsung Secure Folder keeps data secure and isolates problematic apps within the folder to keep apps away from users' personal information.

Lastly, Zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability in a system or device that has been discovered but is not yet patched. This is particularly dangerous as cybercriminals target these flaws in the system even before the public is aware of them,

Samsung Knox offers real-time protection that always actively protects your device against data attacks and malware. When users reboot their Samsung phone, Secure Boot activates to detect any unauthorized software and block attempts to compromise the device.

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