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Globe strengthens cyber education campaign to help Filipinos protect their data

To help protect Filipinos and their data, Globe is strengthening its cyber education campaign. It is called the #makeITsafePH.
Globe strengthens cyber education campaign to help Filipinos protect their data
Globe #makeITSafePH cyber education campaign is underway

Globe continues its #makeITsafePH campaign to protect Filipinos online

The #makeITsafePH campaign is an initiative to roll out the Digital Thumbprint Program. This program contains materials on cybersecurity and safety for consumers and businesses across various different platforms. Customers can use DTP modules to learn how to safeguard their online accounts from hackers with malevolent intent and keep their information safe.

For a stronger layer of security on your accounts, Globe suggests utilizing two-factor (2FA) authentication or application authenticators like Google authenticator. The 2FA adds an extra degree of security to online accounts by requiring additional login credentials to access them.

Furthermore, Globe's DTP modules advise users to avoid using personal information as a password because they are often the most vulnerable to hackers.

Opening accounts from a public computer or internet café, which are frequently infected with malware and viruses, is strongly prohibited. This will very certainly reveal your personal information, making it vulnerable to fraudsters and unwanted content.

Globe also advises users to delete their browsing history and cookies while using public computers, to use private browsing whenever possible, to watch for "over the shoulder" spectators when entering passwords, and to avoid downloading personal files and email attachments. Users must also remember to log out of their accounts at the end of their session.

Globe's Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), which teaches students, teachers, and parents about online safety and security, online etiquette and accountability, and digital empowerment, also offers online seminars as part of its education campaign.

You can check out Globe's Digital Thumbprint Program modules via YouTube.

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