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Google Play Games to be available on Windows PCs next year!

Microsoft would allow users to install Android mobile apps on their laptops and desktop computers by 2022.
Google Play Games to be available on Windows PCs next year!
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Seamlessly switching between a phone and a laptop?

According to Google spokesperson Alex Garcia-Kummert, the company has built this app on its own, meaning they haven’t partnered with third-party firms. This upcoming app will enable players to resume their games on a desktop PC, after playing them on a phone or a tablet. 

Greg Hartrell, Google's product director of games on Android and Google Play, released an exclusive statement to the source to describe it further. He said,

Starting in 2022, players will be able to experience their favorite Google Play games on more devices: seamlessly switching between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and soon, Windows PCs. This Google-built product brings the best of Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops, and we are thrilled to expand our platform for players to enjoy their favorite Android games even more.

The search giant already teased the app's launch during The Game Awards, with a promised release window of sometime next year. However, there's not much detail yet like what Google makes use of to emulate Android apps on Windows. 

Allegedly, games will run locally instead of streaming from the cloud. Hartrell said that it will be a native Windows app distributed by Google, which will support Windows 10 above. He also noted that it will not involve game streaming.

The Google Play Games ecosystem is reportedly accessed by over 2.5 billion users every month, showcasing some of the best Android games on the platform. The application has been designed with feedback from Google's community and developers in mind. There's an anticipation that it will result in a polished experience when Google Play Games releases on Windows PCs in 2022. 

We'll update you once we learn more about the upcoming desktop application in the future so stay tuned.

Source: The Verge

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