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Huawei now has its own HarmonyOS-powered smart water bottle!

In partnership with HAERS, Huawei in China recently introduced a new addition to its evergrowing ecosystem—a HarmonyOS-powered smart bottle.
Huawei now has its own HarmonyOS-powered smart water bottle!
Smart water bottle!

Huawei outs a HarmonyOS-powered bottle

The new smart bottle features a 316L stainless steel liner and LED display in the black part on the top of the cup that displays water temperature in real-time. On the LED display, users can even display their personalized handwritten signatures through the mobile app.
It has a regular drinking reminder function and can detect drinking actions and record the amount of water you drink during the day.

It also has a lightweight inner tank with corrosion resistance and an antibacterial PP material on the mouth cup and other parts.

Huawei claims that it supports the storage of milk, juice, cola, coffee, soy milk, and tea. It also has an antibacterial rate of 99 percent against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

The device has a capacity of 440mL, heat preservation or cold preservation time up to 12 hours, connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, fast connection by screwing the cap support, a three-axis motion sensor that detects and records drinking actions, up to 4 weeks of battery life, a magnetic charging system, and HarmonyOS Connect.

The HarmonyOS-powered smart bottle is available in Black, Blue, and White colorways.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):
Huawei HAERS smart water bottle - CNY 139 (around PHP 1.1K)

The device is now available at VMall online store in China.

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