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Team Pacquiao launches its own Esports brand

Following our recent news that Manny is going to form an Esports team, this Saturday the Senator has launched Team Pacquiao GG as his Esports brand.
Team Pacquiao launches its own Esports brand
TPGG content creators

Team Pacquiao Esports!

The Esports team is formed in collaboration with the company Veloce, a renowned Esports brand globally. In fact, the partnership has been in the works since last year as mentioned in the recorded video by Ryan Tveter, Veloce Esports Chief Development Officer.

We approached Manny Pacquiao and his team, with the proposition of joining forces and creating something that has never been done before within Southeast Asia and the Philippines, said Ryan Tveter, Veloce Esports CDO.

The Team Pacquiao GG will be focusing on games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty, Valorant, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Axie Infinity, and Halo Infinite with the goals of "one day becoming the national team of the Philippines". 

Team Pacquiao has a core focus on community, competition, and content that desires to provide an opportunity to the people within gaming and entertainment.

Manny also entered Esports as he sees it "as a legitimate growing sports industry in the world with a lot of job and business opportunities". He also mentioned that as he retires from boxing, it is also his way of giving back to his countrymen for giving him love and support in his boxing career.
Manny led the launch event
Manny led the launch event

The organization also tapped with 5 renowned streamers and personalities in the world of gaming such as SH1NBOO, SUPERKIMBIE, GHOST WRECKER, Een Mercado, and Gloco. All of them have vast experience in those games mentioned and will be creating content for the team.

Next week, we will be seeing more from the TPGG focused on Esports and various streams from their content creators.

What do you guys think?

Source: TPGG

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