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Proudly Pinoy game "Project Xandata" will be accessed via Steam by January 2022!

Project Xandata, a game by Pinoy developers, will enter Steam Early Access on January 26, 2022.
Proudly Pinoy game "Project Xandata" will be accessed via Steam by January 2022!
Project Xandata

A pinoy-made sci-fi fantasy game with skill-based gameplay

This game is a 3v3 first-person shooter featuring fast-paced action, customization options, diverse maps, multiple modes of play, and Filipino flavor. According to its Facebook page, gamers can customize their character with different weapons and elemental abilities.

Project Xandata already received various awards in the past, including Best in Technology at Level Up KL's SEA Game Awards 2017, and both the People's Choice Award and Best Desktop/Downloadable at Game Connection America 2018.

In this game, they will play as Xandat, a warrior who can control elemental power through ancient technology dubbed as MagiTech. They can also modify their loadout with 18 possible perk combinations, allowing them to experiment with various playstyles.

Project Xandata has three classes: the agile and stealthy Agent, who is capable of going invisible and creating clones of themselves; the hard-hitting Juggernaut, whose rocket launchers and uppercuts pack a punch; and the Marksman, a long-range specialist who can blind or push enemies away.

Allegedly, each of these classes features two elements, four neutral skills, and an additional four skills per element. 

The game boasts four game modes namely Skirmish, Overcharge, Corruption, and Free for All.  Skirmish is a race to amass eliminations totaling 5,000 points while in Corruption you need to collect 100 shards in order to win. 

For Overcharge, each team must obtain a battery and bring it to a Lightning Rod, then defend it as it charges. Lastly, the Free for All is a new deathmatch mode where each player is pitted against everyone else.

The developers added a new game mode called Annihilation but it will be available sometime after its official release. This is said to be a competitive mode is a race to win five rounds and tasks both teams with wiping each other out. Each team has a chance to revive three times per round.

There are five maps in total:  Aruum Station, Site Agalon, High Suludlan, Sundown Forge, and Wellspring Biotech. As for the weapons, there are nine that are already available to all players. This consists of Amorsolo (Precision Pistol), Askal (Submachine Gun), Ironbark (Marksman Rifle), Splinter (Burst Rifle), Favorhouse CC (Sniper Rifle), Guillotine-97 (Pump Action Shotgun), Debt Unpaid (Precision Assault Rifle), Birang (Buster Pistol), and Haribon (Rocket Launcher).

Players will be able to earn cosmetics and in-game currency through the Prestige Pass.

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