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vivo announced its Brand new Communications Network Lab in China

vivo has a new Communications Network Laboratory which they opened in Dongguan, China yesterday.
vivo announces  its Brand new Communications Network Lab in China
The brand's communication network equipment

Brand new lab from vivo!

vivo teamed up with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology to build its newest laboratory. This will serve as a global base for mobile communication technology innovation. The new Lab is loaded to simulate a wide range of real-world scenarios, thereby speeding up the R&D and smartphone testing processes and ensuring superior product quality that meets users' expectations.
Engineer testing smartphones
Engineer testing smartphones

The Lab can easily change and replicate variable frequency ranges of worldwide commercial 5G/4G networks using 5G infrastructure, including base station and core network technologies already deployed at scale by key global operators. As a result, a large number of tests that were formerly performed outside may now be performed accurately in the lab.

Extreme conditions such as poor signal, congested streets, and high-speed movement may all be tested in the lab, guaranteeing that their smartphones work well in every situation.

Moreover, aside from testing usual scenarios from every day, vivo engineers can also replicate diverse commercial scenarios where multiple activities like gaming, video calling, and live streaming take place. Based on these contexts, the company applied an end-to-end verification technique with data intelligence and analysis obtained for product optimization so that they can continuously prove the ultimate user experience.
Brand new facility
Brand new facility

From underlying communication protocols to user experience, the Lab also provides multidimensional support for engineers worldwide. For instance, it is developing testing models to improve power consumption with various networks in a number of situations. It is also closely monitoring the advancement of communication technologies, adapting to the progression of 5G standards, including the 5G NR Release 16, to make sure vivo users are among the first to benefit from the latest innovations.

When it comes to system reliability and stability of the performance,  vivo has also built a massive network stability test environment into the lab so that it can perform a rigorous testing program for each handset which includes more than 4,000 hours of continuous power supply stress tests, more than 1000 hours of data transfer tests, and more than 10,000 mobile original and terminating calls.

The new Lab showcases vivo’s long-term perspective on innovation and sustained efforts in areas uneasily perceived by users on the strategic track of performance. Going forward, vivo will continue to increase its investments in fundamental technologies. Being user-oriented, vivo is committed to four long-term strategic tracks: image system, operating system, industrial design, and performance, dedicated to providing superior products and services that best meet user needs, said Jingcai Liu, vivo's General Manager of Testing Technology and Reputation Management

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