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Top 5 features of Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer

In 2021, Cherry Home launched the innovative AF200 digital air fryer.
Top 5 features of Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer
Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer

Healthy fry of up to 80 percent less fat!

To recap, the Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer was launched alongside the Cherry 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven. It's been six months, and here are some reasons why the Cherry AF200 makes the perfect Valentine's gift this 2022.

1. Healthy fry - according to Cherry, this digital air fryer significantly cus 80 percent of fat and oil from the food. Our friends from Cherry say this means you can get fish and chips for the night and still have chicken nuggets for breakfast minus the guilt.
2. 360° Air Flow Technology - this feature gives your food the crisp and golden brown outcome with just a swoosh of oil. This means that you can say goodbye to deep-frying.
3. No more thawing - the Cherry AF200 has eight cooking presets and over-heating protection features. It allows consumers to just throw in the frozen goods or viands in the Digital Air Fryer tray and leave them until finished.
4. 12L capacity - whether big or small family, Cherry AF200's roomy space makes it convenient to cook food in large quantities in one go.
5. Plenty of accessories - for every purchase, the Cherry AF200 Digitial Air Fryer comes with the following: non-stick coating food tray, air flow racks, drip tray, rotisserie spit & fetch tool, and skewer sets. 

Now, if getting fit and healthy is one of your 2022 resolutions, getting a Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer could be ideal.

The Cherry AF200 Digital Air Fryer is priced at PHP 7,000. It is available on Cherry Home's website.
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