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FYT Media teams up with Google to fight vaccine misinformation

FYT Media tapped Google to help fight local vaccine misinformation. The campaign is called "#FYTCOVID19: Fighting vaccine misinformation".
Join the event online on January 28 to January 29

FYT Media fights local vaccine misinformation with Google

Here are the speakers during the event
Here are the speakers during the event

#FYTCOVID19: Fighting vaccine misinformation is an online event dedicated by FYT Media dedicated to fact-checking information about the COVID-19 vaccine. It is currently supported by tech giant Google Philippines.

Coined as infodemic, the spread of false or inaccurate information in the Philippines is a serious issue. Experts from different sectors such as health, academe, and Google will share information on how to sift through information and find the legit one. The event is headlined by broadcast journalist and FYT media co-founder, Atom Araullo.

Araullo urges everyone to take the advice of doctors and experts. He also encourages every Filipino to be mindful of fake information spread on social media. Fact-checking efforts need to be strengthened to make sure that accurate and real information is the one spread around the country.

Interested students and community journalists must register via this link to attend the webinar. FYT Media and Google will choose 10 students and community journalists who will be supported by both organizations after the webinar to learn more about fact-checking and creating content on YouTube.

The online event will take place via the FYT Media YouTube channel from January 28 to 29.

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