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Globe removes activation fee for Facetime and iMessage

Globe today announced that it will be removing the one-time activation fee for Facetime and iMessage services.
Photo of a Globe iPhone user
Photo of a Globe iPhone user

The activation fee for Facetime and iMessage services, now FREE of charge!

Due to this move, the company is encouraging Apple iPhone users to activate Facetime and iMessage.

To activate and use Facetime and iMessage on their Apple devices, Globe subscribers using 4G/LTE or 5G SIMs simply need to download and install the latest iOS 15.2 version and Carrier Setting Update only available to the most recent iPhone models (iPhone 6S and later).

If you are still using an older 2G or 3GB SIM, Globe is advising users to upgrade to a 4G LTE/5G SIM for FREE at Globe stores. 

Globe also said that its customers simply need to book an appointment via glbe.co/abs-queue before going to their desired store. Then, bring all the necessary requirements to upgrade their SIM on the day of their appointment for a hassle-free visit.

To recap, Facetime allows users to make audio and video calls while iMessage lets them send messages over WiFi or using mobile data. These services are exclusive to Apple users.

For Globe, delighting customers means that we are able to let them enjoy their everyday essentials. Knowing that Facetime and iMessage are important services to Apple users, even the simple act of making activation easier and free of charge is one way for us to show that we care about the things they love, said Coco Domingo, Globe Vice President for Postpaid and International Business.

For more info about this and check the requirement for SIM upgrades, visit glbe.co/imsgft.

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