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4 BDO hacking suspects arrested by the NBI!

Four persons who were reportedly behind the cyber crimes targeting BDO last month were captured by the agency.
4 BDO hacking suspects arrested by the NBI!
File photo: BDO

One of the suspects created a text blast

According to the source,  two Nigerian nationals were nabbed in an operation in Pampanga. There were multiple pieces of evidence that got confiscated from the suspects. In a separate operation, NBI caught another suspect who was in charge of downloading the money from the system.

The fourth suspect, who developed a computer program for the hacking, was arrested in Manila. The National Bureau of Investigation said it is currently consolidating all pieces of evidence before filing a case against these four people.

After that, an anonymous person unraveled how the accounts of some 700 bank customers got hacked last December. The informant gave out the details to the NBI, revealing he created a text blast to deceive over 700 customers of BDO Unibank Inc. He explained,

Doon po sa message link kung saan papasok ka po sa website na doon ka magla-login ng user at password at the same time meron na po kaming OTP (one-time password) nung depositor, kumbaga hindi na po papasok sa kanya yung OTP, kundi sa panel na po namin.

He also admitted that he was involved in creating the "Mark Nagoyo" account where amounts were transferred from the hacked accounts. He said that he made the said account then created online crypto so that they can store the money there.

The informant also confessed that they anticipated that there would be more depositors during the month of December because of Christmas and New Year. They knew the probability that BDO has more depositors from other countries like OFWs.

Meanwhile, one of the downloaders of the money also got arrested. The woman revealed that she was also the one talking to bank customers to get their OTP.

The National Bureau of Investigation reminded the public to remain vigilant and secure their passwords to prevent hacking. Director Eric Distor said that they are examining the gadgets of the arrested suspects so we can get a better understanding of the details of their operation. He added that we can use it to further strengthen the security of our financial institutions.

As of writing, there's still no official statement from BDO Unibank Inc regarding this case progress.

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