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PSA: Multiple reports of "hacked" BDO accounts surfaced online!

A lot of BDO account holders have allegedly been targeted by cybercriminals who seemed easily bypass the security measures of the said bank.
PSA: Multiple reports of "hacked" BDO accounts surfaced online!
BDO's service advisory urges customers to change their passwords

No SMS prompts to confirm the transactions?

According to a source, hackers transferred money from BDO accounts to a UnionBank account under a fake name. The fund was reportedly used to purchase Bitcoin worth PHP 5 million from a cryptocurrency market on December 11. 

BDO allows fund transfers of PHP 50,000 per day while UnionBank permits this transaction with up to PHP 500,000 limit. Some of the victims got interviewed regarding the incident and they claimed that they did not recall clicking on any malicious link. Moreover, they haven't received any SMS prompts nor OTP requests that will notify that someone logged into their account.

A netizen named Justine Leigh Sy posted on Facebook a rant regarding this anomaly saying:

I WAS HACKED BY "MARK NAGOYO".Lilipat na talaga ako ng bank kasi hindi ito first time na nagkaroon ng ganutong hassle sa BDO. Ang daming naperwisyo nito and asan ang safety and security?? Transaction agad! Wala man lang OTP or anything? Tapos sasabihan ako na "hindi sure" kung mababalik sakin yung 50K???

Ms. Sy posted her experience on her TikTok account and a screen capture of the bank transaction from her device. There was a comment from James Sarmiento saying that they already have 80 people in the group who experienced the same thing.

Sarmiento also said that they need visibility since the media is not covering this. So far, they are using the hashtag #BDOHacked. Apparently, he is one of the earliest victims who reported the incident, claiming that he lost P100,000 on December 9, 2021.

Update, BDO released its official statement. You may read below:
Official statement of BDO
Official statement of BDO

BDO also posted an advisory official Facebook account to remind users to change the passwords on their account earlier.

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