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DITO Telecommunity nears 5M mobile subscribers

DITO Telecommunity is on track to hit its target of five million subscribers by the end of 2021.
DITO Telecommunity nears 5M mobile subscribers
File photo: DITO SIM card

Less than a year, DITO is on course to gain 5M subs

In a statement of its parent company DITO CME, it hinted that the third telco player may soon meet its goal as it continues to expand its mobile network to more areas across the Philippines.

We are very pleased that in less than a year since its commercial launch, DITO Telecommunity is fast approaching 5 million mobile subscribers, present in over 500 cities and municipalities and has more than 3,300 cell towers up and running, DITO CME President Ernesto R. Alberto.

DITO CME's optimism is also being driven by the fact that the new telco carrier passed its two technical audits, and has secured a 25-year legislative franchise.

After nine months in the market, DITO Telecommunity has already laid out more than 19,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable. It also established 41,000 sales channels.

In just a short span of time, DITO Telecommunity has been able to quickly roll out its network in order to offer fast, reliable, and wide-reaching telecommunications services to the Filipino consumer. We are delivering on that commitment, said DITO CME Chairman Dennis A. Uy.

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Source: PSE

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