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YouTube outs information panels on "Martial Law in the Philippines"

YouTube recently announced that it's expanding the topics of its information panels, now including Martial Law in the Philippines.
YouTube outs information panels on ‘Martial Law in the Philippines’!
Sample information panel appears below the search bar (Screenshot from YouTube)

YouTube continues its efforts to raise authoritative information

Rolled out in 2018, the information panels on the platform aim to provide context for topics that are said to be prone to misinformation. The panels display information from third-party sources, like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now, users from the Philippines will view information panels whenever they watch YouTube videos about Martial Law in the Philippines, along with other topics such as climate change, the 9/11 attacks, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing, and others. 

Allegedly, the information panels will show on search results and watch pages, "regardless of the opinions and perspectives expressed in the video."

Country Director of Google Philippines Bernadette Nacario explained that YouTube believes that people should be able to make their own judgments about the information they consume along with context to inform their judgments. She added,

The expansion of YouTube’s information panels providing topical context to the Philippines is a critical next step to connect people with additional context. This has been an ongoing investment for YouTube as it continues efforts to raise authoritative information.

Information panels related to COVID-19 were already available in the country prior to this announcement. These panels are still limited in terms of availability in countries and languages. However, YouTube claims that they are in the process of bringing this feature to more regions.

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