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BDO issues new statement on unauthorized transaction incidents

After the incident over the weekend, BDO Unibank issues another statement.
BDO issues new statement on unauthorized transaction incidents
BDO issues a new statement (Image from bdo.com.ph)

Statement on refund for clients affected

Of course, it's natural for BDO clients to worry over the loss of their hard-earned money after the hacking incident. BDO was quick to assure its clients and has now issued a new statement and they are as follows:

We have requested our clients to go to their branch of account and submit documentation to get the refund. The Bank will shoulder the losses perpetuated by this cybercrime incident, BDO said.

BDO Unibank also said that they have been processing the reimbursement of close to 700 clients affected by the recent online fraudulent transactions.

In our previous report, a source said that the hackers transferred money from BDO accounts to a UnionBank account under a fake name. The fund was reportedly used to purchase Bitcoin worth PHP 5 million from a cryptocurrency market on December 11. 

According to BDO, they are working closely with the appropriate authorities and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to prevent further occurrence.

Below is BDO's previous statement regarding the incident:
BDO Statement
BDO Statement

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