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OPPO Find N foldable survives JerryRigEverything's bend and torture tests!

OPPO's new Find N is the most structurally sound foldable smartphone that we have even seen in person, but no user has tested and posted about its actual durability until yesterday.
Find N bend test

OPPO Find N is durable!

Popular tech YouTuber JerryRigEverything shared a video showing how durable the new OPPO Find N is.

Based on his tests, the Gorilla Glass Victus protected outer screen of the device scratches at level six with deeper grooves at level 7 showing that it is a very durable panel. The inner folding screen has permanent marks on level 2 hardness. This is expected as all foldable panels are softer than regular screens.
OPPO Find N back
OPPO Find N back

For the frame and volume buttons, OPPO used metal. The power key/fingerprint scanner could be scratched but recessed. At the back when closed, the textured glass could be scratched by a razor blade, but it can be wiped and dusted away.

JerryRigEverything even said that "instead of my knife durability testing my phone, the phone is durability testing my knife" suggesting that its back is pretty sturdy.

There are no issues with the camera hump as it is also protected by glass.

The OPPO Find N has no IP rating, but it did very well against 
JerryRigEverything's dust test. He dumped a handful of gravel onto the inner display and forced it closed a few times, the damage was less than anticipated. Its hinge didn't allow any foreign materials inside.

The most anticipated test is the bend test and the Find N passed it with flying colors.

His tests showed that the Find N is quite tough considering that it is a foldable smartphone that is expected to be less durable than regular smartphones.

Just recently, OnePlus CEO and OPPO Chief Product Officer Pete Lau bragged that the device could be folded 100,000 times with no visible crease after.

To recap, OPPO Find N is the company's very-first foldable smartphone boasting a compact design and a near creaseless display. It also has a large battery capacity, fast charging technology, and flagship-like cameras.

The device is only available in China for now. But, our friends from OPPO said that there is a chance that it might be launched globally.

But, let's not expect that to happen the soonest as the device recently faced supply issues in China due to its popularity.

To watch our hands-on video on the new OPPO Find N, click here.

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