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#DontBuyFromScalpers: You can get non-overpriced Shadow Immortals at Lazada and official partner stores

Shadow Immortals author John Luke Chica has recently warned the public of scalpers on Shopee.
File photo: Shadow Immortals book

#DontBuyFromScalpers and save money

On Shopee, the scapers are selling the Shadow Immortals book for PHP 1,167—almost twice its official SRP of just PHP 599.
Overpriced listing on Shopee
Overpriced listing on Shopee

According to author Chica, he has never created an account to sell his book on Shopee, so do not purchase from there. He added that on official channels, sometimes the book even has a discount of PHP 550.

To purchase Shadow Immortals with the correct SRP, visit this PaperKat Books Lazada store link. It is also available in e-book format thru Amazon, Google Play, and directly his my Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/iamjohnluke for paperback.

Shadow Immortals is a fictional story involving X'zane and Ukwe Elves on the desolate planet of Ekon.

The full description reads,

In the desolate planet of Ekon resides two species: X'zane and Ukwe Elves. The Ukwe Elves colonized the planet decades ago and remained the dominating force, capable of mechanizing engineered vehicles and advanced weaponry. 

The X’zane people are humanoid species with primitive knowledge that limited them to further advance their nation. The X'zane tried to claim their planet back by organizing an uprising, but with the Elven nation’s war-bred soldiers and weaponry, the X'zane were defeated. 

Decades after the war, an X'zane boy is in search of his mother. He embarks on a journey filled with tragedy, betrayal, and discovery of a new power destined to shape the future of their nation and home-world.

A remarkable fusion of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, The Shadow Immortals is set to spark a fresh generation of avid readers of this genre.

What do you guys think?
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