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CES 2022: Sony hints plan to enter EV market with the Vision-S 02 SUV prototype!

Sony unveiled the Vision-S once more, now called the Vision-S 01. This time it's accompanied by another EV, the Vision-S 02. 
CES 2022: Sony hints plan to enter EV market with the Vision-S 02 SUV prototype!
Vision-S 02 SUV prototype

An electric vehicle with 5G, plenty of displays, ToF sensors, and more

Previously, Sony announced that they are working with their first-ever electric vehicle, the Vision-S. There were no updates about the model until now as the company rolled out two electric vehicles during its keynote presentation at CES 2022.

A lot of demo videos were posted on YouTube featuring both Vision-S prototype EVs. Some of it showcases the design of the user interface or feature a test of remote driving via a 5G connection linking Tokyo and Germany in real-time.
Design of the Vision-S 02 in front
Design of the Vision-S 02 in front

Unlike the Vision-S 01, which is a sedan, the Vision-S 02 seems to be a crossover. It features a swoopy compact shape while the front end appears to be inspired by the Vision S-01. Like its smaller sibling, it sports LED headlights connected by a lightbar across the hood.

 In contrast with the sporty wheels of the Vision-S 01, the 02 has 20-inch alloys with a flat face design. According to Sony, the new EV crossover measures 4985mm long, 1930mm wide, and 1650mm tall with a 3030mm wheelbase. 

The Vision-S 02 is said to be powered by a pair of electric motors, one on each axle, each producing 200 kW (268 horsepower).  Sony claims that the top speed of this electric car is over 180 km/h. However, the company hasn't detailed yet specifics like battery or range. 
Huge displays with a center console
Huge displays with a center console

Inside the vehicle, there are loads of displays like the three large screens that are set up like a wide dashboard. The center console also consists of a touchscreen, which controls the vehicle's air-conditioning system. 

Behind the front seats are another set of screens for rear occupants to enjoy. Despite the compact appearance, the Vision-S 02 comes with three rows of seating.

This electric SUV is also filled with sensors on the outside and inside. It has CMOS imagers and LiDAR sensors to aid the driver and help it run autonomously. 

On the inside, the cockpit is equipped with ToF sensors for driver authentication and navigation gestures. Voice commands are also on the list of features. Meanwhile, the 5G connectivity will keep the car connected all the time, keep the software updated and enable remote operations.

The tech giant also introduced Sony Mobility, a new company that will focus on electric cars. There's no assurance yet if they will produce these electric vehicles but the launch of the said company implies their seriousness to do so.

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