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Globe records a massive 27x increase in 5G monthly data traffic in 202

According to local telco giant Globe, the company recorded a massive 27x increase in monthly data traffic on its 5G network in 2021.
File photo: Globe 5G vs 4G network

Many are starting to use Globe's 5G network

It grew as much as 35.2 percent month-on-month with the National Capital Region (NCR), Cebu, and Davao del Sur, serving the highest data traffic nationwide. Last 2021, the telco said that it has served up to 6.71 petabytes of data in its 5G network.

As of end-December 2021, the company has logged over 1.62 million devices in its 5G network. It reached 96 percent of NFC and 84 percent of key VisMin cities in terms of 5G coverage.

According to Globe, this growth is a result of its massive improvement in 5G network rollout in areas where it matters. Globe has also come out with 5G-specific data offers and budget-friendly 5G devices to make it easier for customers to access this new technology.

To recap, Globe 5G has speeds of up to 7x faster than 4G which offers the fastest connectivity and download speeds at the moment with ultra-low latency, greater bandwidth, superior network reliability, and the ability to connect to more devices.

In 2019, Globe is one of the first to release the tech in Southeast Asia.

The brand has also fired up more than 2,000 5G cell sites and upgraded 12,900 cell towers nationwide. Over 1,400 cell sites have 5G in Luzon. In the Visayas, Globe has over 300 sites. In Mindanao, they have over 230 sites.

The majority of Globe's massive 2021 capex was sued for network data expansion.

5G allows us to serve the growing demand for high speed mobile broadband, especially with the rise of data-intensive applications. It elevates our customers' digital lifestyle while boosting our network efficiency and effectiveness, said Marge Dizon, Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

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