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Globe and Cascadeo partner with Amazon Web Services

With a goal of delivering a wide range of cloud-based solutions and expertise to help businesses digitally transform and stay competitive in a digital future, Globe through Cascadeo—its official cloud company partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Globe and Cascadeo partner with Amazon Web Services
Globe and Cascadeo partner with Amazon Web Services

Globe/Cascadeo partner x Amazon Web Services

To recap, Amazon Web Services is said to be the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering.

According to Globe and Cascadeo, this collaboration will help ensure the group that its team and services can cater to the growing demand for cloud solutions. It is also expected to further strengthen Globe and Cascadeo's team of cloud consultants, engineers, architects, and developers, who can help enterprises solve complex business challenges.

Globe said that under this collaboration, the company can also accelerate its transformation into a leading converged ICT solutions provider of connectivity, cybersecurity, and the Cloud—increasing customer adoption of AWS in the Philippines and the US.

Meanwhile, AWS will invest in an existing pool of trained and certified professionals from Globe and Cascadeo, whose customers will benefit from accelerated business transformation and modernized IT services.

The group also noted that this collaboration will also help to assist customers in building a comprehensive path to the Cloud, and entails trained cloud support teams taking customers through a series of steps: defining their business strategies; building their cloud migration roadmaps; optimizing their move to the Cloud; and, finally, implementing a modernized approach for ongoing operational excellence.

This initiative will provide our customers with innovative solutions and services to facilitate their cloud adoption and drive valuable results, explained Ernest Cu, President & CEO of Globe Telecom. As part of our collaboration with AWS,  we will fully equip our cloud professionals with skills and expertise to serve businesses in need of assistance, no matter where they are on their cloud journey.

I am thrilled to further deepen our collaboration with Globe. This Strategic Collaboration Agreement, which sets out ambitious mutual goals for both our companies, paves the way for AWS and Globe to further accelerate cloud-enabled transformations for customers in the Philippines and USA. As one of South East Asia's earliest and most progressive Cloud adopters, Globe is a trusted advisor to leading enterprises and organizations in the Philippines and we are delighted to support Globe as they help our joint customers digitally transform into cloud-native businesses, said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, AWS ASEAN.

AWS has been our primary cloud provider for years. The collaboration between AWS and Globe—the only Philippine-based AWS Partner that has entered the Strategic Collaboration Agreement—will allow Globe to accelerate the advantages of the Cloud to provide a superior customer experience while making Globe a preferred home for top cloud talent. A comprehensive accreditation and certification program will enhance Globe and Cascadeo’s capabilities and responsiveness to help catalyze our customers' digital transformation journey,’ shared Carlo Malana, Globe Telecom’s Chief Information Officer.

To learn more about Globe Cloud Solutions, just contact your Globe Business Manager.

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