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Google and YouTube ban ads on RT and other Russian channels

Google and YouTube announced that they are suspending several Russian state-media channels from making money from ads.
Google and YouTube ban ads on RT and other Russian channels
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Blocking "propagandist Russian channels"

Previously, we reported that Facebook's parent company Meta blocked the Russian state media from running ads on their platforms. It seems that Google and YouTube are following this suit as both are barring state-owned media outlet RT and other channels from generating revenue from ads.

According to Google's YouTube unit, it was pausing a number of channels ' ability to monetize on YouTube" as it cites "extraordinary circumstances". These included several Russian channels affiliated with recent sanctions, such as those by the European Union.

Ukraine Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov allegedly contacted YouTube "to block the propagandist Russian channels such as Russia 24, TASS, RIA Novosti. As a response, the EU released sanctions on individuals such as Margarita Simonyan, whom it called RT's editor-in-chief and "a central figure" of Russian propaganda. 

YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadloo said that the company is limiting recommendations to those channels. The platform is also blocking them entirely in Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian government.

In the past, YouTube explained that it did not treat state-funded media channels that comply with its rules differently from others when it comes to sharing ad revenue.

After that statement, Google pointed out that it's blocking Russian state-funded media outlets from using its ad technology. This means they won't be able to purchase ads through Google Tools or place ads on Google services such as search and Gmail. 

Google spokesperson Michael Aciman added that they are actively monitoring new developments and will take further steps if necessary.

Sources: ABS-CBN, The Verge

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