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OPPO to introduce new tech and devices at MWC Barcelona 2022

OPPO announced its participation during MWC 2022 in Barcelona. Here, it plans to introduce new technologies along with its latest devices. Read on!
OPPO to introduce new tech and devices at MWC Barcelona 2022
OPPO to join MWC Barcelona 2022

What's in store from OPPO for MWC Barcelona 2022?

As one of the frontrunners in the 5G adaptation, OPPO will unveil a new connectivity solution as well as its latest flagship devices at MWC 2022. Furthermore, OPPO promises to demonstrate a number of new mobile phone innovations.

OPPO will set up five key display sections at its booth during the show. There's one for Brand, Flagship, Smartphone Technology 5G, and AR Ecosystem to provide the audience with a rich, diverse, and engaging experience.

Furthermore, OPPO will develop a virtual playground for tech buffs all over the world. These are for the people who are unable to attend the event in person. They will still get a taste of everything OPPO has to offer at MWC 2022 via their smart devices at any time and from any location.

OPPO is also championing sustainability as well. OPPO began pushing plastic reduction and lightweight packaging in the European market in 2021, lowering the use of plastic in its mobile phone packaging material by 95 percent. OPPO will present its environmental initiatives as a corporate citizen at MWC.

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