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PLDT tops internet providers ranking in the Philippines according to Ookla!

PLDT Home announced that Ookla ranked the company as the faster internet provider in Q3 and Q4 2021. Ookla used data from consumers' speed testing.
PLDT tops internet providers ranking in the Philippines according to Ookla!
PLDT Home tops Ookla Speedtest Awards for Q3 to Q4 2021

PLDT Home comes out on top at the Q3-Q4 2021 Ookla Speedtest Awards

Here are the data!
Here are the data!

The newest result was a significant improvement above PLDT's Speed Score of 27.28 in the second half of 2021. The Speed Score is a metric that considers both upload and download speeds.

PLDT also outperformed all other internet service providers in the Philippines. It has the top upload and download speeds of 217.07Mbps and 203.97Mbps, respectively, according to the latest data from Ookla.

Ookla evaluated data from millions of consumer-initiated tests conducted on Speedtest platforms to determine ISP network speed. Tests conducted by Filipino internet users on various networks utilizing digital devices linked via Wi-Fi and fixed networks are included in the data.

According to the most recent Ookla data, PLDT has the fastest upload and download speeds in the Philippines' major cities of Manila, Cebu, and Davao. With upload and download speeds of 54.52Mbps and 58.57Mbps, respectively, PLDT outperformed other ISPs in Manila, including Converge, Globe, and Sky. 

In Cebu, PLDT measured upload and download speeds of 76.14Mbps and 74.22Mbps, respectively. PLDT has the fastest fixed network with upload and download speeds of 70.06Mbps and 71.50Mbps, respectively.

When determining the fastest ISPs, Ookla considers the fastest network speeds achieved throughout a given network, taking into account tests conducted on multiple Speedtest programs connected to a fixed network, as well as tests conducted on mobile phones via a WiFi connection. At least 3 percent of the sample size in the geographic area is accounted for by each top carrier.

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