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UnionBank's 8 Smart Things to do for Adulting

Adulting can be hard. That's why UnionBank curated 8 tips about the smart things you can do during your adult life. Read on for more information!
UnionBank's 8 Smart Things to do for Adulting
8 Smart Things to do during your Adult Life

UnionBank: 8 Smart Things to do during your Adult Life

Here are the UnionBank Online features you can use!
Here are the UnionBank Online features you can use!

1. Separate your payroll and savings account - It may be tempting to spend your entire month's salary. To avoid doing so, you can open an account to separate your savings and spending budget. UnionBank has made it easier to open a bank account. Everything can be done via the UnionBank Online app and can be approved within 24 hours.

2. Invest in yourself - Improve your CV by learning a skill that can help you in your personal and professional life! Why try content creation or learn different languages? Many websites and apps, such as edX and Duolingo offer free lessons and you can even sign up for paid ones if you like them.

3. Set Goals - Want to put money aside for that dream home or car but can't seem to come up with the funds? There is a Goals function in UnionBank Online that automatically saves money for whatever you want. You can set a weekly, monthly, or quarterly savings goal, and stay motivated by looking at the predicted target completion date and how near you are to achieving it. The money can be withdrawn half or completely once the objective has been met or if you opt to pull out the funds in the middle of the project.

4. Health is Wealth - Adults who exercise feel less anxious, according to studies, so why not try some entertaining workout routines? To adequately nourish your body, it is recommended that you also eat a healthier diet. Download free applications like MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake. It will help you keep your body and mind healthy and calm!

5. Get Insured - Instead of putting your hard-earned savings at risk during an emergency, be prepared! UnionBank Online has an Insurance Marketplace wherein you may compare and choose from a variety of Life and Accident insurances. For as little as PHP 250, you may protect yourself and your loved ones for a year.

6. Expand your network - Having connections has tremendous advantages, especially over time. Attend workshops, conferences, or events offered by the industry you're interested in to strengthen your network. There are events for new online business owners and traders available for you to join in such as the E-Commerce Masterclass and the Traders Fair 2022.

7. Start Investing -  The Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is a ready-made investment portfolio funded by a variety of investors that UnionBank offers. Because your money will be actively handled by professional fund managers, you won't need to be an expert.

8. Take occasional breaks - It is also essential to take a break from the grind. Find something you are interested in and spend time to recover mentally and emotionally. Keeping a To-Do list is also a good way to lessen panic because you are on top of your tasks.

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