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Globe now has 5G roaming in the Netherlands, Bahrain, and New Zealand

Globe recently shared that it has further expanded its 5G roaming service in different parts of the world.
Globe now has 5G roaming in the Netherlands, Bahrain, and New Zealand
Globe's 5G roaming continues to expand

Globe 5G roaming in the Netherlands, Bahrain, and New Zealand

In particular, the new locations with Globe's 5G roaming are the Netherlands, Bahrain, and New Zealand. Its subscribers can access 5G roaming when they connect via Zain in Bahrain, Vodafone in New Zealand, and KPN in the Netherlands.

To experience 5G roaming, Postpaid users can simply turn on their mobile data and data roaming to activate RoamSurf 399 for all-day data access for 1 day. For Prepaid users, just register to RoamSurf 399 via GlobeOne or GCash apps to enjoy 1GB of data roaming access for 24 hours.

Globe also has the Roam Surf Longer Stay for extended trips abroad which give customers more GBs for all-access surfing, bigger savings, and longer validities. Customers can simply choose from 3, 5, 7, 15, and 30-day data packs. For more info, visit glbe.co/PostpaidRSLS for Postpaid or glbe.co/RSLongerStay for Prepaid.

According to the company, its 5G roaming service is now present in 43 5G roaming-ready countries.

The telco giant also said that it'll continue to explore more partnerships in n Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific amid the gradual economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

Just last month, Globe also included Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and France in its list of roaming partners.

While we strive to increase Globe’s 5G presence in the Philippines, we are also working hard to widen our footprint for 5G roaming, said Coco Domingo, Globe Vice President for Postpaid and International Business.

As more smart cities emerge worldwide, we want our customers to experience new ways to connect and engage as they travel. Expect Globe to accelerate its 5G builds abroad as we gear up for travel’s full recovery, Domingo said.

Meanwhile, in PH, the company has recently fired up over 2,000 5G outdoor sites and in-building solutions. The telco giant also said that it has commented PHP 89 billion in capital expenditures (capex) this year, a chink of it will be used for network upgrades.

To know more about 5G roaming, visit this link.
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