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Geekbench delists last four years of Samsung Galaxy flagships over benchmark cheating issue

Popular benchmarking app maker Geekbench recently shared that it found out that Samsung flagships over the past four years are using GOS to get higher scores.
File photo: Galaxy S22 series

Geekbench manipulation?

According to a statement by Geekbench shared with Android Police, Samsung's GOS (Game Optimization Service) throttles the performance of games and applications. Then GOS decides if it will throttle or not throttle applications using application identifiers and not application behavior.

The benchmark maker notes that they view this as a form of benchmark manipulation.

Anyway, the units that are now delisted from Geekbench are all models of Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22. This includes The Galaxy S21 FE.

To recap, Samsung's Game Optimization Service throttles 10,000 applications. Due to the controversy it created, Samsung said that it will give its users the choice to prioritize performance in an upcoming update.

However, Geekbench's policy said that once a device is delisted from its device browser, there is no coming back.

Samsung has yet to release a statement over this new issue.

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