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Hackers successfully gained Samsung's source code for Galaxy devices

South Korean tech firm Samsung earlier confirmed that hackers are successful in obtaining internal company data and source code for Galaxy devices.
File photo: Galaxy S22 series

Samsung hacked!

Basically, the hackers breached the company's internal data to gain access to some source codes of Galaxy-branded devices like smartphones.

Samsung did not name the specific hackers and what are the precise data stolen. But, hacking group Lapsus$ claimed over the weekend via Telegram that it has stolen 190 gigabytes of confidential Samsung source code.

Lapsus$ is also the same group behind the NVIDIA breach last month.

According to the company, its initial analysis showed that the breach does not include the personal information of our consumers or employees and it doesn't anticipate it to impact its business or customers.

This is the second disturbing news that the company has suffered this week after popular benchmarking app Geekbench decided to delist 4 years of Galaxy smartphones in its database over cheating allegations.

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Source: CNCB
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