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Globe warns public over phishing attacks linked to Ukraine-Russia conflict

Globe has just sent an advisory to the press to urge its customers to remain vigilant amid an uptick in phishing attacks linked to the Ukraine-Russia conflict in recent weeks.
Globe warns public over phishing attacks linked to Ukraine-Russia conflict
A public advisory from Globe

Warning over recent phishing attacks

The local telco giant notes that while phishing campaigns recently detected by Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) have primarily targeted Ukraine and its European allies, these threats may easily be exploited and spread across the Asian region.

Globe's Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio said,
We all need to watch out for certain types of emails or content that will try to lure us into sharing our information. These may contain topics such as humanitarian aid-themed scams and online petitions for Ukraine,

He added that there are other contents that may also pretend to share news and information about the current war between the two countries or even offer crisis-related tips like where to get the lowest gas prices in your area.

To those who don't know, Phishing is one of the most common types of online fraud where criminals impersonate an organization or individual through a legitimate-looking email or text message, hoping that the recipient will take the bait and provide the requested personal information.

Globe's tip is to thoroughly check the credibility of any email, post, or website before interacting with it. Don't easily give personal information unless absolutely necessary and it should be done only through official channels.

To help minimize phishing activities and other financial scams, Globe said that they have major universal and commercial banks as well as e-commerce companies. These partner companies will report fake numbers, spoofed sender names, and websites.

Globe, on the other hand, will block them from its network immediately as they are reported.

Globe also said that they are continuing to heighten its anti-spam and anti-scam campaign through a dedicated cybersecurity team. The company reported that last year, it blocked a total of 1.15 billion scams and spam messages, around 7,000 mobile numbers linked to scammers, and 2,000 unofficial social media accounts and phishing sites.

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