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LG showcased its OLED TVs at the Art Fair PH 2022

At the Art Fair PH 2022 exhibit, LG joined in to showcase its latest OLED TVs. It is touted to be a great way to display new media art. Read on!
LG OLED TVs showcased at the Art Fair PH 2022
LG OLED TVs showcased at the Art Fair PH 2022

LG OLED TVs at Art Fair PH 2022

These are all consumer-grade LG OLED TVs!

AFP collaborated with LG Philippines to show Jeremy Couillard's works on LG OLED TVs during this year's festival. LG TVs were used to bring the acclaimed new media artist's magnificent work to life at the Ayala Triangle Gardens Amphitheater's #ArtFilm Section.

Walking through the fair will take you to fantasy realms and new dimensions inspired by the computer game Fuzz Dungeon. There will also be a screening of Couillard's new film, "There Is No Up or Down, Only Attraction", during the event. This film looks at strange species in cosmic landscapes, pixelated game maps, and cityscapes.

LG's OLED televisions are ideal for displaying new media art. Its bleeding-edge self-lit pixel technology takes image quality to new heights, bringing every detail to life. Depending on the display technology used by a TV, the same material comes out differently. On LED TVs, new media art may seem different from what the creator intended. Self-lit pixels switch on and off in LG OLED TVs to provide perfect darkness and endless contrast. Backlights on LED and Mini LED TVs are not self-emissive.

LG OLED TVs are now available for purchase via the LG official Lazada and Shopee stores. All LG OLED TVs purchased will come with a 1-year FREE subscription to iQIYI.

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