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iPhone users reportedly complained of faster battery drain after iOS 15.4 update!

Several users have taken to Twitter to report about battery drain after downloading and installing the latest software update.
iPhone users reportedly complained of faster battery drain after iOS 15.4 update!
An iPhone unit updated to iOS 15.4

A mixed bag of responses from iPhone users

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 15.4 for selected iPhone models. While the update contains a lot of new features for iPhone users, including the ability to use Face ID with a mask, users are facing battery drain issues post the update. 

After updating their iPhones to the latest iOS 15.4, there were many users who are posting their complaints on Twitter and Reddit. They are saying that their handsets have been losing battery life much more quickly since the iOS 15.4 update was applied.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Maxim Shishko, posted on the microblogging app saying that his phone’s battery life got really poor after iOS 15.4 update. Meanwhile, an iPhone 11 user said that his device is using up to 80p percent of the battery with a screen-on time of fewer than two hours.

Another user wrote that his phone’s battery percentage got down by 5 percent in less than 10 minutes.

Note that this issue is not universal since other users reported better battery life since they installed the update. 

Some users also claimed that their battery percentage was stuck at a particular amount. Even after restarting the phone multiple times, it did not show the correct percentage. 

On the other hand, the Cupertino giant assures users that these battery issues are only temporary. Apple Support replied to a user on Twitter,

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be happy to help. It's normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update. Let's have you reach out to us in a DM if this is still an issue after that time so we can help you look into this further.

We're still not sure how widespread the battery issue is, so you might want to wait up before updating until it is all settled down.

Have you also experienced a faster battery drain after updating your iPhone or not?

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