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MRT-3's month-long FREE Ride program starts today

Following the successful deployment of the 4-car CKD train set, MRT-3 opens its month-long FREE ride program today, March 28, 2022.
MRT-3 month-long 'free ride' program starts today
MRT-3 train (Photo courtesy: DOTr MRT-3)

FREE rides until April 30, 2022!

In commemoration of the completion of MRT-3's rehabilitation, President Rodrigo Duterte instructed a month-long free rides program for all passengers. 

This is to promote the improved services of the MRT-3 to the public and also help ease their financial burden amid inflation, rising fuel prices, and with many Filipino workers now returning to on-site work, MRT-3 Officer-in-Charge, General Manager Michael Capati said.

Previously, MRT-3 accommodates 248,000 to 260,000 passengers a day. To date, the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 can now serve up to 400,000 passengers per day. The time interval between train arrivals now stands at four minutes from eight to 10 minutes. The number of operating units also increased to 18 to 22 trains from 12 to 15 before.

MRT-3 FREE Ride Program guidelines:

  1. The free rides will cover all trips from 4:40 AM to the last trip at 10:10 PM, except for the scheduled maintenance shutdown on the week of April 12 to April 17, 2022.
  2. To avail of free rides, passengers must have a stored-value Beep card or a single-trip card.
  3. A penalty of PHP 50 will be imposed for the loss or damage of a single journey ticket. 

Note that the Beep card will not receive deductions until April 30, 2022. To those availing of the single-trip card, passengers only need to approach the station windows to get one.

Ang mga rider ng MRT-3 ay currently subsidized na po at dahil meron tayong tinatawag na libreng sakay, fully subsidized na po ang buong gastos ng isang pasahero sa kanyang biyahe sa MRT-3, Capati added.

The MRT-3 is expected to lose an average of PHP 2.7 million in revenue per day of operation during the month-long free ride program. Capati said its operating expenses will be covered through its PHP 7 billion budget under the General Appropriations Act of 2022.

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