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Xiaomi allegedly throttles performance for some games and apps on its devices

Xiaomi is allegedly throttling performance on a per-app basis according to Geekbench. This is the same controversy Samsung is currently facing.
Xiaomi allegedly throttles performance for some games and apps on its devices
File photo: Xiaomi Mi 11

Geekbench: Xiaomi is also throttling performance in games and apps

Xiaomi was also found to be manipulating performance in games and apps. According to Geekbench, this has been going on for years but it is just recently that Xiaomi did it on a per-app basis.

This practice has come to light when Geekbench stumbled upon in-app performance tweaks from Samsung's Game Optimization Service. This service is responsible for discreetly reducing the performance of Samsung smartphones in around 10,000 apps.

To test, Geekbench did a test where its app was disguised to be Fortnite. Running in a Xiaomi Mi 11, the disguised instance of Geekbench scored 30 percent lower in Single-Core and 15 percent lower in Multi-Core. Two things are possible here. With app identifier tags, Xiaomi Mi 11 may be boosting its performance when it detects Geekbench to score higher in benchmarks or throttling performance when it detects high-intensity apps such as Fortnite.

Either way, this poses a big question on the legitimacy of the Geekbench scores of Samsung and Xiaomi devices. Android Police also said that their tests using Xiaomi 12 series Geekbench disguised as Netflix also recorded lower scores compared to the original Geekbench results.

We are waiting for the official statement from Xiaomi.

What do you guys think?

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