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YouTube Vanced announces project's end due to legal actions from Google

YouTube Vanced grew popularity being a great alternative to the official Google app. However, the project is now ending due to legal reasons.
YouTube Vanced announces project's end due to legal actions from Google
YouTube Vanced officially axed by Google!

Goodbye, YouTube Vanced!

Following a legal threat from Google, the popular Vanced YouTube app will no longer receive support. The creators have announced that the project would be shut down in the next few days, with all download links withdrawn. 

The app will continue to operate for those who have it already downloaded and installed on Android. It is expected to stop running at some time in the near future though once Google pushed an update to make it obsolete. Vanced team said that the app will become outdated in two years or so.

The Vanced owners claim they were forced to abandon the project "for legal reasons." A cease and desist letter recently arrived at Vanced doorsteps prohibiting the company from developing and distributing the app. According to the Vanced team, Google told them to remove all references to YouTube, change the logo, and remove any links or mention of YouTube in their products,

YouTube Vanced offered ad-blocking, a Black Theme, background play, and even trying to bring back the dislike count. Google's move is to be expected as some of these features prominently the ad-blocking is a feature of the YouTube Premium subscription plan. Ads integration may be the biggest catalyst in this situation. This was also the reason YouTube put the hammer down on Discord bots Rhythm and Groovy. These Discord bots allowed users to play YouTube videos while avoiding ads.

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