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Canalys: Samsung is the top mobile marker in Q1 2022

According to Canalys, Samsung still topped the smartphone market share in Q1 2022. This is despite the 11 percent drop in global shipments overall.
Canalys: Samsung is the top mobile marker in Q1 2022
Samsung is on top of smartphone market share again for Q1 2022

Canalys: Samsung ranks 1 with Apple in 2nd place

Here is the ranking!
Here is the ranking!

Samsung had a 24 percent market share in Q1 2022 goof for number 1, up from 19 percent in Q1 2021. Apple emerged in second place with a 15 percent market share due to increased demand for its iPhone 13 series. Due to the outstanding success of its Redmi Note series, Xiaomi remained in third place with a 14 percent market share. With 10 percent and 8 percent of the market, OPPO/OnePlus and vivo rounded out the top five respectively.

However, due to a mix of different world issues, less ideal economic conditions, and low seasonal demand in Q1 2022, worldwide smartphone shipments still got 11 percent fewer shipments compared to last year. 

Reasons stated for the overall drop in shipments were uncertainty in business environments in different regions, a spike in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China's lockdown, and a threat of inflation.

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Source: Canalys

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