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DOST to spend PHP 321M in e-vehicle initiatives!

The Department of Science and Technology reveals its plans to invest more in e-mobility transportation projects.
DOST to spend PHP 321M in e-vehicle initiatives!
E-trikes in Quezon City (Photo from DOST)

An alternative transport solution amidst the oil price increase?

The agency recently announced that it is spearheading the project of mobilizing and prioritizing e-mobility innovations. According to DOST, they come up with this idea or concept since fuel prices have been skyrocketing in the past weeks. Its statement said,

When the Department of Energy (DOE) said that it was planning to procure e-trike units, DOST had anticipated the need for S&T intervention such as an electric vehicle (EV) charging needs, low-cost battery storage system, battery management system, low-cost materials, and production for e-trike, battery parts, and components, mining technology to source out raw materials, etc. Therefore, the agency has invested over P321 million in e-mobility-related projects to modernize and uplift the transportation sector and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to save the environment.

Executive Director of the DOST-PCIEERD Dr. Enrico Paringit encouraged more efforts to raise financing for e-mobility research and development and the use and adoption of research-based technologies in the transportation industry. He also emphasized the lower costs of e-mobility, which could be up to 40 percent less than fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

During a virtual press conference, DOST announced 16 e-mobility initiatives targeting various sectors of the transportation industry. Below are some of the projects:

1. E-Mobility Research and Development Center in Cagayan province as the first e-trike center
2. Intelligent electric transportation systems
3. Charging in Minutes (CharM) project attempts to reduce the time it takes to charge electric automobiles
4. 23-seater electric jeepney (e-Jeepney)
5. Safe, Efficient, and Sustainable Solar-Assisted plug-in electric boat (Sessy E-Boat)
6. E-Boat chargers
7. Design of a modular stator, segmented rotor switched reluctance motor;
8. DOST Niche Centers/ Research and Development Center for Advanced Batteries
9. Fabrication of aluminum-air reactor battery

Paringit noted that e-vehicles are less expensive to maintain because they have fewer moving parts than traditional automobiles. Allegedly, this makes maintenance easier, less frequent, and more economical overall. 

He also explained that EVs will help lessen toxic air pollution by not generating any emissions. E-mobility solutions would help ease the country's problem in meeting its energy needs as the country transitions to renewable energy sources.

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Source: Inquirer
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