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EPSON warns consumers against fake printer inks, here's how to check!

EPSON wants to warn consumers about the growing number of fake printer inks in the market. The company also wants to teach them to check for fake inks.
EPSON warns consumers against fake printer inks, here's how to check!
EPSON warns against fake printer inks

Here's how to check for FAKE EPSON inks

EPSON Philippines has created a new holographic sticker for its ink bottles to allow consumers readily distinguish genuine inks from fake inks, in order to enhance general awareness and prevent the growth of non-genuine inks. More security elements have been added to the newly announced holographic stickers that are affixed on the boxes of EPSON genuine inks to identify the legitimacy of the products.

With the new hologram sticker's temperature sensitivity and light source image characteristics, customers can simply test whether an EPSON ink cartridge is genuine or not in just a few simple steps. Rubbing one portion of the new sticker repeatedly will reveal that it is fading as the temperature rises due to friction heat. Customers may make the word "EPSON" appear on a different region of the new holographic sticker by using light.

EPSON ink bottles with the old holographic sticker, on the other hand, will continue to be accessible until stocks run out.

Why is using genuine ink important? EPSON Genuine Inks provide high-quality prints that last a long time. Users may also save money on repairs by using only Epson Genuine Inks, as counterfeit inks can harm Epson printers in the long term.

In addition to all of these issues, using imitation inks will VOID the printer's warranty. As a result, if the printer needs to be repaired, the cost will be higher. In other words, when phony ink is purchased for the printer, more money will be lost for the customer.

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