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Globe partners with AST SpaceMobile, to launch "space-based" broadband

Globe today announced that the company has signed an MOU with AST SpaceMobile for space-based cellular broadband connectivity. This move is part of the company's initiative in expanding its coverage to unserved and remote rural areas.
Globe partners with AST SpaceMobile, to launch "space-based" broadband
Globe x AST SpaceMobile

A "space-based" internet from Globe is coming!

In a press release, the local telco giant said that it is collaborating with AST SpaceMobile Inc., the company behind the world's first space-based cellular network to explore further expansion of its services across the Philippines using cutting-edge satellite technology.
The announcement
The announcement

The memorandum of understanding signed by both parties is to cooperate on the implementation of the planned AST SpaceMobile cellular broadband service in the Philippines. 

Globe notes that this partnership aims to provide the first broadband service directly to standard mobile phones in the country and it will enable its telecom services to cover areas beyond the reach of land-based cell towers.

The space-based cellular network is designed to offer voice, video, data, and internet access via 2G, 4G/LTE, and 5G signals. This could also provide connectivity even during times of crisis including disasters and emergencies.
The space-based cellular broadband service is being designed to offer voice, video, data, and internet access via 2G, 4G/LTE, and 5G signals helping to also provide connectivity during times of crisis including disasters and emergencies. 

Globe has always been a pioneer in bringing first-to-market digital solutions to empower Filipinos. This collaboration is another step in Globe's continuing initiatives to provide digital connectivity to remote rural communities as part of its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is our mission to enable inclusive economic growth and provide quality education and e-health even in remote and still unconnected rural communities, said Gerhard Tan, Globe’s Network Strategy and Technology Enablement Director. 
Space-based broadband, otherwise known as Global Mobile Personal Communications Services, or GMPCS, is the new frontier in connectivity. We are proud to take the first step towards the adoption of this planned breakthrough technology that could address the need for reliable and practical mobile broadband connectivity, especially in geographically isolated and connectivity-challenged areas in the Philippines, he said. 

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