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LG's commercial washers receive Meralco Power Lab's orange tag

South Korean giant LG Electronics recently shared that two of its commercial washers have been given Meralco's orange tag.
With Meralco Power Lab's orange tag

Meralco-tested commercial washers from LG!

Meralco Power Lab's orange tag serves as a seal of security, approval, and transparency which gives a close approximation of the power an appliance uses and the corresponding cost involved.
The washers
The washers

This means that its users will be able to see how much consumption it makes even before making your purchase.

Based on Meralco's test, the LG Giant C Max Washers has a cost per wash of just PHP 0.81 while the LG Titan C Max Washers costs PHP 1.05 per wash. This means that these two LG commercial washers are power-efficient and could increase your savings as a whole.

Making these feats possible is the Inverter Direct Drive drums that are directly attached to the motor. LG claims that it is also durable and reliable and has a 3+1 Hygiene Care Laundry System that helps your washers before, during, and after every load.

Basically, it cleans the Clean Tub Cycle cleans the tub just three minutes before use. Then, the Hygiene Cycle can help sanitize fabrics while the Intensive Tub Cleaning Cycle can run once the load is done.

The washers also highlight the 
Gyro Balancing System designed to produce low noise and vibration,  atomizing & twin spray to rinse clothes non-stop while spinning for a faster wash, and an Auto Dosing System which supplies uniform amounts of detergent, bleach, and softener for every cycle.

In case you are interested in these Meralco-certified commercial washers, you may ask LG regarding their cost and other details here.

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