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Samsung teams up with iFixit to launch a Galaxy self-repair program

Soon, owners of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Tab S7+ series will be able to repair certain components of their devices.
Samsung teams up with  iFixit to launch a Galaxy self-repair program!
File photo: Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Complete repair kit with guides, tools, and parts for selected models

A few days ago, Samsung revealed that it's working on a new self-repair program in collaboration with iFixit. iFixit is a popular repair guide and parts website that already worked with manufacturers such as Motorola and Steam.

The new program follows Apple's recent decision to retract its own self-service program and Microsoft’s work with iFixit to manufacture the Surface tools. iFixit CEO Kyle Wien said,

We are working with Samsung to improve their repair guide and DIY parts offerings. It is clear that manufacturers are recognizing that they need to embrace repair.

Allegedly, the new program will give Galaxy customers access to parts, tools, and guides to repair their own devices. However, the three series mentioned above are the ones that are eligible, not the latest Samsung S22 family.

Wiens added that the Galaxy S20 series guides are already complete and that iFixit is actively working on writing the guides for the S21 series and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

According to Samsung, users who take advantage of the program will get access to "intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides" as well as the needed tools.

A spokesperson said that the tech giant plans to expand the range of products, parts, and self-repair capability as the program matures. But for the devices confirmed at launch, the initial parts list consists of displays, back glass, and charge ports.

Since battery removal is relatively difficult, this may be the reason why Samsung did not include it yet as an available part. On the other hand, Wiens noted that the Samsung display assemblies would have pre-glued batteries attached to them. In theory, this will make the repair process easier for the Galaxy S20 and S21 devices.

The announcement lacks further details about pricing and availability but the Samsung spokesperson said to wait for its official launch.

Via: The Verge

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