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Twitter will soon let you edit your Tweets

Twitter just confirmed that it is indeed working on an edit Tweet feature which is a highly requested addition to the social media platform. Read on!
Twitter will soon let you edit your Tweets
Twitter Edit Feature to be added soon?

You can soon edit your erroneous Tweets!

Twitter's statement!
Twitter's statement!

It has been a problem for years. You write a carefully worded Tweet, post it, and then you see a grammatical error or misspelled word. Instead of having an easy "Edit Tweet" option, you had to delete your Tweet, rewrite it, and then post it again. Too many steps, right?

Twitter said that it has been working on this feature since 2021. According to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the inability to edit a Tweet is due to Twitter's origin as an SMS service. When you send a text, you cannot edit the SMS you sent. Once it is sent, that's it.
Edit Tweet
Edit Tweet

In addition, Dorsey believes that it could pose problems down the line. For instance, a popular Tweet that garnered thousands of retweets could be edited to say other things. This could then lead to misinformation and stat manipulation.

No words on when it will hit the current version of Twitter. The company did confirm that it is currently starting testing within Twitter Blue Labs.

What do you guys think?

Source: Twitter

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