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5 best features of realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

With rising innovations, robotic vacuums are better than ever and bound to improve your home life.
The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum and what comes inside the box

Having a robotic vacuum means that you never have to worry about allocating your precious time for vacuuming floors. Why? These tiny but helpful devices are programmable to do their rounds while you're at work or outside doing errands.

In October last year, realme is building up its reputation in the IoT segment as it introduced the TechLife Robot Vacuum in the Philippines. 

So far, here are our favorite features from this smart and useful cleaning tool:

5 best features of realme TechLife Robot Vacuum 

The biggest roller brush makes sure it sweeps off the dirt towards the suction
The biggest roller brush makes sure it sweeps off the dirt towards the suction

1. Capable vacuum and mopping functions - If you're wondering how powerful the suction the vacuum has, realme said that this one has 3,000 Pa or Pascal power. It has a quiet mode that can operate at only 55dB noise level, almost like hearing an electric toothbrush or coffee percolator.

The first robot vacuum cleaner is not just for vacuuming dust and dirt, but it's also designed for wet mopping. In front, the device has two sweeping brushes while the main brush is positioned in the vacuum zone at the bottom.

If you want to use its mop feature, as mentioned earlier there's a  mop module that is not included in the package but can be purchased online. The wet mopping kit offers a smart electronic water pump with a 300ml capacity and four water outlets for dispersion. Basically, you have three cleaning modes to choose from such as mop, vacuum, and vacuum and mop.
A small tower in the middle houses the smart mapping and navigation sensors
A small tower in the middle houses the smart mapping and navigation sensors
2. Highly precise LiDAR Smart Mapping and Navigation System - While cleaning a room, the vacuum needs to navigate the space without hitting any obstacles. The onboard sensors allow them to avoid hazards and move through optimal cleaning paths.

The good thing is the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum got 38 sensors including a LiDar and LiDar Rotation Detection sensor. LiDar means Light Detection and Ranging and it shoots lasers and detects a range of objects. This is how this device maps a room and navigates efficiently to new spaces.
Goes back automatically on the dock when the battery depletes
Goes back automatically on the dock when the battery depletes

3. Great battery life and automatic recharging - The company equipped this TechLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner with an impressive 5200mAh battery capacity. This simply implies that it can clean a much larger space in one go without needing to stop and recharge.

This smart thing even knows if it has enough battery to carry out its task. If it doesn’t it will return to the charging dock. Aside from that, it can hibernate on its charging dock after its cleaning routine. 

However, in case of battery drain, you'll have to carry it manually and then align its IR to the charging dock for it to charge properly. 
Pairing a phone to the robot vacuum
Pairing a phone to the robot vacuum 

4. Customized cleaning via the realme Link app - Gone are the days that an appliance needs a remote for control. Like the TechLife Robot Vacuum, for example, you just need to install the realme Link app on your device. 

From your smartphone, you can not just turn on/turn off the device but also select from its array of cleaning modes. The deep cleaning mode is created so that the robot vacuum will brush the area carefully with the help of a 3D Map by the LIDAR sensor.

Meanwhile, the app also allows users to make their own home cleaning plan that they can customize anytime they want. Per room, they can assign levels of suction power and water level for mopping. There's also an option to set a schedule for cleaning for hectic days or travels.

5. Extra features - Aside from the functionalities mentioned above, this robot vacuum is loaded with extra features designed for users' convenience. With Intelligent Surface Adaptation Technology, it can identify surfaces in real-time and adjust suction speed. 

For an instance, it will boost suction and speed automatically for areas that usually accumulate dust such as wall edges and carpets. It also sports a Y-shaped mopping to simulate the deep-cleaning effect of human mopping.

Lastly, you can also link the device to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you just tell ask Google/Alexa to turn on the vacuum wherever you are.

You can purchase the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum for PHP 16,990 on the brand's official online stores in Shopee and Lazada.
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