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How Google Password Manager helps you create, manage, and secure strong passwords

As we celebrate World Password Day this May 5, Google promotes its Password Manager tool that can help you prevent personal information and files from being compromised.
How Google Password Manager help you create, manage, and secure strong passwords
Keep your passwords secure!

Password checkup and import are only some of Google Password Manager's features

We're sure you've forgotten about your password once, twice, or thrice in your life. But we hope you're not using "123456" as your Facebook password because it only takes less than one second to crack with over 3.5M counted uses.

The Internet has various tools available to help you manage and secure your password, and Google's Password Manager is one of those. This tool helps internet, social media, applications, and website users create, save, manage, and secure passwords.

How Google Password Manager works:

  1. It makes it simple to generate strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts when you’re using the Chrome browser, on Android, and Chrome on iOS.
  2. It helps you remember all your saved passwords. You will only need to remember your Google account password—the only password you’ll ever need to remember—and let Google Password Manager take care of the rest. It auto-fills your secure password every time you visit a site or sign in with your Google account logged in.
  3. Google checks 1 billion passwords for breaches, daily. Google Password Manager will notify you in real-time about unsafe or stolen passwords, and help you fix them with a single tap. If you get an alert from Chrome saying that a password and username combination that you use has been published on the internet as a result of a data leak on a third-party website or app, all you need to do is tap "Check passwords" and follow the prompts to change your password for each compromised site.
  4. Using a password manager can help reduce the hassle of remembering, resetting, or worrying about passwords. Often, you can run a Password Checkup anytime to tell you if any of your passwords have been compromised in a third-party breach; are being reused across different sites, or should be strengthened. You can quickly update any weak or compromised accounts with stronger passwords using Google Password Manager.
  5. To free people from having to manually enter passwords into the password manager, Google introduced the Password Import feature in 2021, which allows you to easily upload up to 3,000 passwords at a time from various third-party sites into Google Password Manager. You can also store up to 10,000 passwords in your Google Account. Once you’ve imported your passwords, you can run a password checkup to how strong those passwords are, in one go.

This World Password Day, remember to not use a password with personal information that others may easily know, like birthdays or names of pets. According to Google, an ideal password needs to be long and complex with at least 12 characters, made up of a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

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