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New font called "Instagram Sans" launches as part of platforms Visual Refresh

Instagram's Visual Refresh introduced aesthetic changes including updated colors and logo. In addition, Instagram Sans becomes its official font.
New font called "Instagram Sans" launches as part of platforms Visual Refresh
Check out Instagram's new typeface!

Instagram Sans introduced as the platform's new official typeface

Instagram Sans
Instagram Sans

Instagram Sans is inspired by design features that IG users see on a daily basis, such as the platform's logo and wordmark. The new typeface shows its distinct brand on everything from billboards to websites.

Instagram Sans also gives the platform's worldwide community a new method to express themselves in areas like Stories and Reels. The company's purpose while creating this new typeface was to make Instagram Sans universally accessible.

Instagram collaborated with language specialists from all over the world to adapt the typeface to international scripts including Arabic, Thai, and Japanese. It wishes to encourage all of its authors and community members to completely express themselves in any language they want.

Other parts of the Visual Refresh include the reimagined vibrant gradient colors to make it feel more alive and indicate moments of discovery. In addition, there will be a new layout and design for the platform to promote creativity, simplicity, and self-expression.

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Source: Instagram

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