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PIE goes digital and offers PHP 10 million total prizes starting May 23!

The new TV and digital channel, Pinoy Interactive Entertainment announced its digital upgrade along with up to PHP 10 million of total prizes.
PIE goes digital and offers PHP 10 million total prizes starting May 23!
PIE goes digital starting May 23!

Pinoy Interactive Entertainment goes digital starting May 23!

You can join the festivities and get a chance to win part of the PHP 10 million prize pool by tuning in to BEAM on TV or via the PIE website.

In terms of shows, you can start your day with Home Buddies Facebook community's "Mayora" Frances Cabatuando, offers you pertinent information, inspiring anecdotes, and good energy every 7 AM. at the PIESILOG Sela Guia, "Kwelang Kuya ng Lahat" Tristan Ramirez, "Bibong Artist" Raco Ruiz, "Good Boy Charmer" Jae Miranda, and "VJ na Laging May Say" Eryka Lucas are among the cast members.

BARANGAY PIE will be your cheerful lunch companion come noon. Join Mayor TV, "Ang Tito Mong Mayor" Abby Trinidad, "Barangay Talak-Tokerist" Ruth Paga, "Sawsawera ng Barangay" Sunshine Teodoro, "Barangay Queen Sirena" Inah Evans, "Barangay Sexy-Tary" Patsy Reyes, and "Sizt-mosa ng Barangay" Coco Cordero in their shenanigans.

Every 4 PM, PIEGALINGAN is a unique talent variety program that airs on television to promote the uniqueness of participants who aren't generally featured on television. PIEGALINGAN hosts Ralph Malibunas of "G sa Lahat ng Gimik" and "Try-It," beauty queen/actor Sam Bernardo of "Reynang All-Out ang Support," and actor/host Eris Aragoza of "Bidabro" and "Promotor ng Trip" will be on hand to congratulate competitors on their accomplishments, large or little.

PIE, the Philippines' first multiscreen, real-time interactive TV channel, is a collaboration between BEAM, 917Ventures, KROMA, and ABS-CBN, the country's top storyteller, and content provider. It will premiere on May 23 from 5 AM. until 2 AM. Through partner station BEAM, daily programming is available to 11 million digital TV households in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Naga, Baguio, and neighboring regions.

Scan your digibox for the PIE channel, or view it on its website, YouTube, or Sky Cable Channel 21. Beginning May 28, 2022, you may also watch PIE live on GLife via GCash. PIE may be also found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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