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PLDT team up with Cisco to speed up 5G innovation in Philippines

PLDT and Cisco collaborated to build a 5G SA service platform in Manila. This aims to push 5G innovations in the Philippines. Read on for more!
PLDT team up with Cisco to speed up 5G innovation in Philippines
PLDT team up with Cisco for new 5G SA platform

PLDT collaborated with Cisco for new 5G SA platform in Makati City

The new PLDT X Cisco 5G SA platform will be based in PLDT’s existing 5G TechnoLab in Makati City, to drive innovation in Consumer and Enterprise 5G solutions in the country. 

PLDT 5G Technolab will be able to deliver an end-to-end network sandbox of the newest Private 5G standalone service architecture, powered by Cisco's 5G SA Solution, where organizations of all sizes, as well as a variety of vertical sectors, may build digital use cases. These 5G-enabled use cases may be created and tested with the goal of increasing the value of private cellular networks.

This open and secure network enables PLDT to accelerate the value of 5G and Digitalization across the Philippines, as well as address pressing challenges such as the abrupt and permanent shift toward hybrid work, as well as the need to safely energize industries productively on critical network infrastructure.

Cisco will also offer their worldwide 5G expertise in many industry verticals, such as Industry Revolution 4.0 digital transformation and installing 5G-Enabled Manufacturing, as part of this engagement.

PLDT will continue to support its customers' trials and lead in Robotics Process Automation and Precision Control, autonomous Automated Guided Vehicles with seamless mobility, and the integration of TechnoLab's current Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities.

With the inclusion of 5G Network Slicing, industrial applications may be assigned the appropriate bandwidth and service quality on-demand, per application. Security, multi-cloud compliance, service administration with self-service capabilities, and Machine Learning-enabled Artificial Intelligence are among the enterprise-grade 5G characteristics.

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