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Apple releases improved iPadOS 16!

Apart from the iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, American tech giant Apple earlier announced the iPadOS 16.
Apple releases improved iPadOS 16!
iPadOS 16

iPadOS 16 is now official!

iPadOS 16 comes with plenty of similarities to the iOS 16, but it has iPad-focused features as expected.

The catch, iPadOS 16 works on iPads powered by Apple's own M1 chip only.

Anyway, the new OS can organize apps and windows automatically, allow users to create overlapping windows of different sizes in one view, drag and drop windows from sides, and even open apps from the dock to create groups of apps for easier multitasking.

The new tablet operating system also has a new Stage Manager with support for external displays up to 6K in resolution. This feature also allows its users to work up to four apps on their iPad and an extra four apps on the external display simultaneously.

There is also a new Freeform collaboration app boasting a feature called "flexible canvass" that allows users to see, share, and collaborate in one place without worrying about layouts and page sizes.

Apple also ensured that it has full support for Apple Pencil, real-time collaboration canvass, cancel feature on the Mail app while sending a message, schedule a message, a new search experience that helps in correcting typos among others, and a richer view of contacts and shared content.
The messages
The messages

The company also added the Weather app. Siri can now automatically run shortcuts from apps, insert emoji when sending messages, add support for Matter smart home connectivity standard, Notes can now automatically straighten handwriting, and notes with your iCloud password can now be locked.

There is also a Reference Mode for color accuracy to enable the iPad Pro 12.9 to match the color requirements in workflows, Display Zoom to let users increase the pixel density of the screen, and Virtual Memory Swap to expand the available storage by up to 16GB.

It also brings support for the passkey sign-in method. This is an authentication solution that allows users to sign in to apps and sites with the use of just a QR code and Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate.

Later this year, Apple will also allow its users to start a session from FaceTime and see updates from others in the Messages thread.

The developer preview of the OS is now out and the open beta will be available next month. It will be available in fall as a FREE upgrade for iPad 5th Gen and newer, iPad mini (5th gen and newer), iPad Air (3rd gen and newer), and all iPad Pro models.

Source: Apple

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