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NTC commands ISPs to block CPP-NPA websites and independent media

The agency has called on ISPs to block several websites, "found to be affiliated to and are supporting terrorist and terrorist organizations."
NTC commands ISPs to block CPP-NPA websites and independent media
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Immediate blocking of the websites reported by Esperon

A copy of NTC's order to ISPs (Photo from Bulatlat's Twitter)
A copy of NTC's order to ISPs (Photo from Bulatlat's Twitter)

NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba signed an order about two weeks ago after National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon requested to remove access to 26 websites linked to CPP-NPA-NDF through a letter. 

President Rodrigo Duterte's appointee explained,

They have established pervasive online presence through their website that they continually use to publish propaganda and misinformation campaigns in order to malign the Philippine government, recruit new members, and solicit funds from local and international sources.

According to a source, this is the full list of websites and independent media that NSA requested to be blocked: NDFP, NDF, Jose Maria Sison, Philippine Revolution Web Central, Bulatlat, Hiyaw, PRWC Newsroom, Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions, Compatriots - Revolutionary Organization of Overseas Filipino and their Families, Save our Schools Network, UMA Pilipinas, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, Pamalakaya Pilipinas, AMIHAN National Federation of Peasant Women, BAYAN, Arkibong Bayan, International League of People Struggle, Pinoy Weekly, Counter Punch, International Action Center, Monthly Review, People's March, Taga-Ilog News, Partisa-News, and People Resist News.

However, Esperon did not provide proof to support his claims.

Meanwhile, Department of Justice Undersecretary Adrian Sugay cited Republic Act No. 11479 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, in relation to this new memorandum. Sugay is a member of the Anti-Money Laundering Council, which is tasked to designate terrorist individuals, groups of persons, organizations, and associations.

However, the Justice Undersecretary thinks that blocking of websites and whether this applies to affiliates should be directed to the National Security Council. He also noted that,

[if ] anybody should feel aggrieved by any perceived improper use or application of any provisions of the ATA (Anti-Terrorism Act), including the provisions in designation, there are remedies under the law and judicial recourse is always available.

Several of the listed websites above are already inaccessible as of today.

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Sources: Inquirer, CNN

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