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PLDT triples international capacity with new US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable PH link in July

PLDT expands its lead among local telco carriers with the mist number of PH-terminating cables adding the US-Transpacific Jupiter system in July.
PLDT triples international capacity with new US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable PH link in July
PLDT will add the US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable System in July

PLDT activates US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable PH in July

It aims to triple PLDT's international capacity!
It aims to triple PLDT's international capacity!

The addition of the Jupiter cable system to PLDT's infrastructure significantly strengthens the telco's extensive fiber network, giving customers access to multiple Terabits of data per second of additional capacity. Additionally, cable diversity ensures the ability to reroute traffic in the event of undersea cable cuts.

Since they act as the global backbone connecting nations, delivering communications, and enabling e-commerce and the information age, submarine fiber optic cables are among the most important parts of the internet's infrastructure. With its investment in the Jupiter cable system, PLDT is able to carry huge volumes of data traffic into and out of the Philippines to the US while also enhancing the capacity and resilience of its current underwater fiber cables.

Jupiter employs an "open cable model," which enables consortium members to expand their capacity by investing in data-throughput-improving technologies. This means that even when the volume of data being transmitted worldwide increases quickly and dramatically, PLDT can scale up Jupiter's capacity by incorporating an advanced underwater line terminal facility.

Jupiter is expected to boost PLDT's 20 Terabit/s international capacity to around 60 Terabit/s to the US and Japan. In addition to PLDT's current fixed and mobile services, these include the supply of cloud services, fintech, and rich media content.

The Jupiter Cable system is a collaboration of international service providers, stretching 14,000 kilometers from the US West Coast to Daet, Camarines Norte in the Philippines, as well as to Japan. With this, PLDT will have 17 international cable systems altogether.

With the completion of two further significant international cable systems, Asia Direct Cable and the APRICOT cable system, scheduled for completion in the following two years, PLDT will continue to grow its operation of the country's largest international submarine cable network.

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