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Infinix 180W Thunder Charge tech is now official!

Fast-rising global mobile maker Infinix today announced a new super-fast charging solution for smartphones called the 180W Thunder Charge tech.
Infinix 180W Thunder Charge tech is now official!
Infinix 180W Thunder Charge

It's a new super-fast and safe charging tech!

According to the company, this new innovation will debut on selected Infinix flagship phones that will be revealed in the second half of the year. Infinix said that this technology can charge a 4,500mAh battery from 1-50 percent in just 4 minutes.

The company didn't mention how fast it can fully charge the said 4,500mAh battery, but this 20W is more powerful than its previous 160W fast charging solution which can fully charge a 4,000mAh cell n 10 minutes.

Moreover, Infinix claimed that this is a safe system. It uses batteries with a rate of 8C which reduces the chance of overheating. The 8C cell has lower internal resistance when compared with the conventional single electrode lug structure and a multi-electrode lug which can reduce more than 50 percent of internal resistance that produce less heat.

Infinix also adopts 2x 8C-rated batteries, so each cell will only receive 90W while being charged to reduce heat and longevity.

This also has the bidirectional-power supply technology to lengthen the phone's battery life by 2 percent compared to double-cell battery-designed phones. This tech reduces the area of the power supply circuit by 60 percent, increases the precision of the circuit layout, and saves space.

The company also shared that it uses dynamic distribution. Basically, there are three (3) parallel charge pumps that support the highest-powered conversion yet on an Infinix device achieving 99 percent charging conversion efficiency, which avoids overloads and overheating.

In total, Infinix claims that it has 111 software and hardware security protection mechanisms to protect smartphones, chargers, and charging cables. Those protection measures will be triggered during abnormal scenarios such as high temperature, increased voltage, electromagnetic interference, and more.

The 180W Thunder Charge even has 20 temperature sensors distributed in USB inputs, charging chips, on the battery, and other locations inside the device so the charge is monitored in real-time through an intelligent temperature control algorithm that keeps track of everything.

It can keep the smartphone's temperature below 43 degrees and has a built-in Infinix special encryption chip to intelligently identify the cable's power transmission capacity and adjust accordingly.

If you use a different cable, it identifies the cable and limits power to 60W/100W to ensure a safe charge.

This also has the GaN semiconductor material and has support for multiple charging protocols. It can charge most electronic devices in the market up to 100W.

Lastly, Infinix implemented two charging modes called Furious Mode and Standard Mode. The Furious mode can be activated with a click of a button to produce a 180W fast charging experience.

Following last year's Infinix 160W fast charging Concept Phone release, Infinix 180W Thunder Charge is another industry breakthrough that delivers ultra-fast charging technology to the public. Infinix aims to keep improving daily efficiency through iteration and innovation of fast charging technology so that users around the world can be the first to experience efficient and convenient digital life, said Joseph Cernitchez, Marketing Head of Infinix.

Infinix said that we can expect this solution in the mid-range price bracket. Normally, these types of fast charging solutions are only reserved for expensive smartphones.

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